Google Ads Repeat Rate

Published at Jan 20, 2024

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Google Ads Repeat Rate

The repeat rate in Google Ads is a metric that measures how often the same individual converts within a specific conversion window. It is derived from dividing the total number of conversions by the total unique conversions.

For example, if the repeat rate is 1.5, it means that, on average, customers are converting 1.5 times over the course of the defined conversion window.

This metric provides insight into how often visitors are converting and can help in understanding the behavior of repeat customers.

The repeat rate is not affected by changes in the conversion counting setting, and it can be a useful indicator for evaluating the effectiveness of ad campaigns and the behavior of potential customers.

Repeat rate metric location

The repeat rate metric can be found in the Google Ads conversion tracking settings by following the steps outlined below:


  • Sign in to your Google Ads account.
  • Click the Goals icon Goals Icon.
  • Click the Conversions dropdown, then click Summary.
  • Click the name of the conversion action you want to edit.
  • Click Edit settings.
  • Click Count and select One or Every.
  • Click Save, then click Done.

Should you care?

The repeat rate is an important metric in Google Ads as it provides valuable insights into customer behavior and the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

By understanding how often the same individual converts within a specific conversion window, advertisers can gain a better understanding of customer loyalty, the impact of your marketing efforts on repeat business, and the overall performance of the campaigns.

This information can be used to optimize ad targeting, budget allocation, and campaign strategies to maximize the return on investment.

Therefore, the repeat rate is a significant metric for evaluating the success of advertising efforts and customer engagement.

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