How to audit shopping campaigns in Google Ads

Published at Apr 26, 2022

How to audit shopping campaigns in Google Ads

How to audit shopping campaigns in Google Ads

In order to audit shopping campaigns in Google Ads, you will need to investigate the following settings and/or parameters


Sign in to your Google ads account
Click the arrow on the left
Select the Standard shopping campaign you are interested in
Click Settings
Find the Campaign priority section

Priority for shopping campaigns revolves around bids, auctions, and product similarity.
Practically this means, that campaigns that share the same products will participate in an auction by the level of priority.
Eg the campaign with the highest priority will enter the auction instead of a campaign with a low priority for the same product and in the same country.

What you need to be aware of
Highest priority shopping campaigns enter the auction first
Ad spend is spread throughout the day and this means that high priority shopping campaigns will not participate in each and every auction
If multiple high-priority campaigns compete for the same auction, the one with the highest bid will participate in the auction.
When highest priority campaigns run out of funds, then the next lower priority campaign will enter the auction


Sign in to your Google ads account
Click the arrow on the left
Select the Standard shopping campaign you are interested in
Click Keywords
Click Search Terms

Search terms

Search terms inform you about the keywords your shopping campaigns appeared and/or gathered clicks.
Here you need to audit the search terms and compare them with the products inside the standard shopping campaigns. If some of the search terms don’t match then you should consider adding negative keywords and/or negative lists


When it comes to reports, Standard Shopping campaigns provide fewer data compared to other campaigns.

In order to audit Shopping campaigns, you will have to connect Google Ads with Google Analytics. You will also have to enable auto-tagging in Google Ads and Merchant Center.

In order to see all the available data from a shopping campaign, you will need to open Google Analytics and then navigate to Acquisition > Google Ads > Shopping campaigns


Here you need to confirm that the location/language targeted has the appropriate feed attached to it.
Eg if you are targeting USA/ENG then the feed should have products approved for USA [location] and English [language].
If the feed doesn’t match both criteria, then the campaign will not run.


Shopping campaigns are grouped by ad groups or product groups. A good Shopping campaign should, ideally, be divided by Product Type, Category, Brand, Custom label, and Item ID.
This way it can be easily audited and to some extent provide all parties involved with actionable data.

What you need to be aware of
You can subdivide up to 7 levels
Each ad group can have up to 20000 product groups
Bids are set to product groups that aren’t subdivided

Merchant center


Product listing Ads need to be safe, secure, and comply with legal requirements.
Google uses an automated system in order to identify potential violations. Items that are disapproved won’t be eligible to appear in Shopping ads.

A brief overview of Shopping ads policies can be found here

Sometimes, however, items may get flagged as harmful by the system due to search terms similarities with restricted items. When this happens, you have the option to request a manual review for each and every item.

You can find the disapproved items by going to
Click Diagnostics
Go to the item issues tab
Find the “Violation of Shopping ads policy”


Shopping campaigns need a valid feed in order to work and start serving ads. The feed needs to be added to Merchant Center and approved. The criteria for the shopping data feed can be found here

Failure to match the data requirements will result in getting your feed rejected

If you want to know more about Google Ads audits, then visit the following link

Google Ads Audit guide & free [Notion & Google Sheets] template

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