Free Performance MAX project template (Notion)

Published at Jul 6, 2023

Free Performance MAX project template (Notion)

Free Performance MAX project template [Notion]

This free Notion template provides a comprehensive framework and set of resources to guide Google Ads professionals in setting up and managing Google’s Performance Max campaigns.
It offers a structured approach and various sections to ensure a systematic and organized campaign setup process. It, also, covers key aspects such as brief, proposals, campaign planning, budgeting, media production, targeting, and optimization.

What’s inside

The template has 7 columns that are the following:

  • Name
  • Assigned
  • Required
  • Impact
  • Blocked by
  • Status
  • Date

In the column labeled Name, you will find the name of each element of the project
eg campaign brief

In the column labeled Assigned, you will find the name of the individual assigned to the task. Feel free to change that if you so choose.

In the column labeled Required you will be presented with 2 choices: Yes or NO
eg campaign name is required

In the column labeled Impact, you will be informed about the effect of said task
eg Conversion goals have a great impact on Performance Max campaigns or any Google Ads campaigns for that matter.

In the column labeled Blocked by you will be informed about what task needs to be completed first
eg you will need a Brief from a client in order to create a Proposal for said client

In the column labeled Status, you will be informed about the status if the task
eg In progress

In the column labeled Date, you enter the dates each task needs to be completed by. You have the option of a single date or a time period

What’s the process?

You start by creating the brief with or without the help of the client.

A brief is a document that outlines the objectives, requirements, and guidelines for a creative project, such as an advertising campaign.
It serves as a roadmap for the creative team and provides a clear understanding of the client’s goals, target audience, messaging, and other essential details.
The brief typically includes information about the client’s business, competitive landscape, target market, key benefits and features, tone and voice, visual preferences, and other relevant information that can help guide the creative process.

In brief [pun intended], a brief should contain the following

  1. Background information
  2. Objectives and goals
  3. Target audience
  4. Key message
  5. Deliverables
  6. Budget and timeline
  7. Creative guidelines

After creating the brief, you must provide the client with a proposal of your desired actions.
The proposal should

  • showcase the advertising strategy
  • articulate the creative concepts
  • present the media [copy, static, video, HTML5, etc]
  • envision the desired outcomes

When (hopefully) the client accepts the proposal, then you and/or your team can further develop the strategy for the Performance Max campaign[s].
After the development of the strategy, the media production, and the copy creation, you can start and build your Performance Max campaign.

That said, get the free PMAX template [NOTION] here

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