Case Study 2

case study two


In the dynamic realm of fashion accessory e-commerce, our recent endeavor encompassed an e-shop facing challenges on multiple fronts. Amidst declining sales from Google Ads and Facebook Ads, a transformative journey was set in motion, leading to remarkable outcomes.

The Challenge

Faced with dwindling sales month after month, our client, a prominent fashion accessory e-shop, confronted the imperative for change. With a global vision in mind, the client embarked on a path to revitalize their digital presence and reinvent success.

Paving the Path to Success

The canvas of challenges presented opportunities for innovation. Our engagement was centered on revitalizing sales, reigniting the potency of Google Ads and Facebook Ads, and facilitating expansion into uncharted territories.

Unifying Conversion Points

With a discerning eye, we focused on optimizing two crucial conversion points – e-shop sales and message orders. Our approach allowed for a comprehensive assessment of ad spend versus tangible results.

Global Ambitions, Local Solutions

The expansion into new countries posed a unique set of challenges. While the e-shop struggled to make its mark internationally, our strategies aimed to unlock the latent potential and foster global growth.

The Budgetary Landscape

Navigating the intricacies of ad spend, we orchestrated a strategic allocation of resources, aligning with a budget of 9K. Every move was meticulously calculated to ensure a prudent investment.

Achieving Phenomenal Results

The culmination of our efforts was met with resounding success. The metrics spoke for themselves – a staggering 348% surge in revenue illuminated the path of transformation. Transactions surged by an astounding 302%, reflecting the harmonious orchestration of strategy. A growth of 72.31% in conversion rate mirrored the synergy between innovation and execution.

Bridging Data Discrepancies

The transformation extended beyond numbers. Overcoming disparities between Google Ads' reporting and Google Analytics' insights was pivotal. The pixel setup for Facebook Ads underwent an overhaul, ensuring seamless event tracking. The strategic deployment of UTM tags became an essential tool for precise analysis.

The Multi-Channel Marvel

Central to our strategy was a multi-channel approach. Google Ads and Facebook Ads emerged as formidable allies, augmented by an infusion of media-rich content. The media mix, meticulously calibrated at 30% static images and 70% captivating videos, delivered an immersive brand experience.

Navigating the Channels

Our approach came to life across an array of channels, each playing a vital role in the symphony of success:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Embracing the Future

As the dust settles on this transformative journey, the horizon beckons with promise. The client's e-shop stands poised to scale new heights and embark on an international odyssey, fueled by data-driven insights and strategic prowess.

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