Case Study 12: Transforming Online Store Fortunes


In a landscape blending brick-and-mortar splendor with digital aspirations, our client presided over a portfolio of physical stores and an online emporium. A dire predicament shadowed the online realm as plummeting sales cast a pall over successive years. Battling a saga of disappointments, the client's traverse through multiple agencies culminated in a tumultuous in-house transfer of the Facebook Ad account, amplifying the turmoil. It was amidst this turmoil that I was entrusted with a pivotal role – revitalizing the ebb and flow through deftly crafted META ads campaigns.


Harnessing the essence of transformation, the crescendo of success orchestrated a harmonious melody:

  • A resounding 57.3% surge in META ads revenue resonated with the precision of strategic virtuosity.
  • META ads ROAS achieved an astonishing ascent of 81.3%, painting a portrait of strategic mastery.

Project Overview

The metamorphosis of the META ads realm beckoned a comprehensive overhaul. The recalibration beckoned not only a strategic renaissance but also a technological resurgence. A pixel revamp was paramount, rewriting the script for events prone to misfire or languishing in silence. In tandem, the intricacies of the online store's architecture posed a challenge in accommodating the Conversions API, rendering attribution and reporting a complex dance.

My Approach

The symphony of strategy converged on a multi-placement overture, a fusion of precision and placement. Supported by a media mix of 90% static images and 10% captivating videos, the crescendo of catalogs, Advantage+ Shopping, and Dynamic Creative Ads illuminated the path to augmented revenue and ROAS. A harmonious duet of mobile targeting and astute Audience network exclusion in prospecting campaigns yielded a crescendo of amplified conversion value.

Channels Utilized

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

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