Case Study 13

case study 13


In the vibrant tapestry of e-commerce, Case Study 13 spotlights an audacious venture into streetwear sales. The stage was set with an embryonic online store, its data canvas echoing emptiness. Despite a valiant attempt at Facebook ads, the proprietor found himself grappling with a transient success. As the ebb and flow of sustainable results eluded his grasp, the clarion call for a Performance Marketing virtuoso was resolute.


A crescendo of accomplishments resonates powerfully:

  • An astonishing crescendo of 963% surged in META ads revenue, painting an exquisite portrait of transformation.
  • The symphony of success orchestrated a melodious 66.27% surge in revenue, harmonizing strategic precision with operational prowess.

Project Overview

Navigating uncharted waters, the client aspired to catalyze sales for his nascent streetwear emporium while nurturing a minimum Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). The absence of first-party data added a layer of complexity to this challenge.

My Approach

A multi-pronged strategy unfurled, weaving an intricate dance of placements and media resonance. With a media mix of 90% static images and 10% enthralling video, catalogs, Advantage+ Shopping, and Dynamic Creative Ads emerged as the linchpins of augmented revenue and ROAS. The cadence of mobile targeting and the astute exclusion of the Audience network for prospecting campaigns elevated the symphony further.

Channels Utilized

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
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