Case Study 6

case study six


In the dynamic realm of nutrition supplements, our e-shop embarked on a promising journey with a new domain. The challenge lay in igniting sales without the luxury of pre-existing audience lists. This reality confronted both the nascent Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts, leaving us poised for innovation.

The Challenge

Launching a new e-shop, devoid of established audience lists, was the challenge that beckoned us. Both Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts stood at the threshold of untapped potential. A blank slate demanded creative solutions to fill data gaps and optimize for purchases.

Navigating Growth: A Singular Focus

Amidst the unknown, a singular conversion point emerged as our guiding star. This solitary benchmark facilitated a direct comparison between sales and ad spend. The pulse of growth was thus measured against the investment, creating a clear pathway to success.

Exhilarating Results

  • 47.9% Surge in Revenue: Demonstrating the effectiveness of our strategic approach in boosting profitability.
  • 52.8% Rise in Conversions: Underscoring the synergy between innovation and execution.
  • 60% Growth in Revenue per User: Showcasing the profound impact of tailored experiences on customer engagement.

Project Focus

The client's aspiration was to achieve robust sales while maintaining an efficient Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). We embarked on this endeavor armed with meticulously set up Google Ads, Google Analytics, and Facebook accounts, all streamlined through Google Tag Manager. Accurate transaction data underpinned our data-driven decisions.

Crafting the Path to Triumph

Our strategic compass revolved around a multi-channel strategy, carefully tailored for maximal impact. Placements spanned Google, Discovery, Facebook, and Instagram, offering a diverse canvas for engagement. A media blend comprising 49% static images and 51% captivating videos resonated with our target audience. The triumphant blend of Paid Search, Dynamic Search, and Shopping Ads propelled our journey forward.

Navigating Channels with Precision

Our strategy found expression across a spectrum of channels, each contributing a unique note to our symphony of success:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Discovery
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

Embracing a Bright Horizon

As we draw the curtain on this chapter, the e-shop stands as a beacon of innovation and growth. Armed with insightful data, strategic acumen, and a vision for excellence, the journey ahead beckons with endless possibilities. This case study serves as a testament to the potential of strategic marketing to transform challenges into triumphs.

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