Staggering results with Paid Ads:
A Case Study


Client overview

My client operates in the niche market of homemade natural cosmetics, emphasizing a commitment to health, environmental consciousness, ethical values, and ingredient transparency. The target audience, predominantly women aged 25-55, exhibited characteristics such as health consciousness, sensitivity to environmental issues, and a preference for holistic wellness.


The primary goal of the campaign was to generate sales through strategic utilization of Google Ads and META Ads. The focus was on creating a compelling narrative that resonated with the target audience and prompted swift action.

Campaign Strategy

The campaign strategy incorporated a multi-faceted approach, leveraging a range of tactics to optimize engagement and conversion rates. Notable elements included clear call-to-action, limited-time offers, targeted advertising, retargeting, optimized landing pages, A/B testing, and mobile optimization. Visuals featuring calm, fresh, and clean female models added a unique creative dimension to the campaign.

Paid Advertising Channels

The campaign was executed on META Ads and Google Ads, with a detailed breakdown of strategies for each platform. META Ads encompassed a comprehensive range, from audience targeting to lead generation ads, while Google Ads employed keyword targeting, responsive search ads, display ads, and more.


A challenge surfaced due to the overwhelming success of the campaign – stock replenishment became a bottleneck. This was swiftly addressed, highlighting the need for proactive inventory management in future endeavors.

Media Buying Strategy

The media buying strategy encompassed a detailed plan for Facebook Ads and Google Ads, incorporating audience targeting, dynamic ads, lookalike audiences, and various other strategies to optimize reach and engagement.

Budget Allocation

The budget allocation reflected a strategic emphasis, with 80% directed towards META Ads and 20% towards Google Ads. This allocation was pivotal in achieving the desired results and maximizing returns on advertising spend.

Campaign Performance

Measurable objectives included an 868% revenue increase and a 521% return on ad spend (ROAS) improvement in META Ads. Google Ads demonstrated an impressive 1675% revenue increase and an outstanding 19465% ROAS increase.


META catalog ads and Google Ads PMAX emerged as the winners, showcasing their efficacy in driving campaign success.

Suggestions and Future Activities

Insights gained from the campaign suggest that YouTube shopping ads and programmatic advertising could further enhance success. Recommendations for future activities include a substantial budget increase and continued emphasis on successful strategies.


The success of META catalog ads and Google Ads PMAX underscored their efficacy, while insights gained suggest that YouTube shopping ads and programmatic advertising could further elevate the client's success. Recommendations for future campaigns include a substantial budget increase and continued emphasis on successful strategies.


The digital advertising campaign resulted in a staggering increase in revenue and ROAS, underscoring its positive impact on my client's overarching business objectives.

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