Case Study 7

case study seven


In the competitive landscape of shoes and accessories, our e-shop, having weathered a few years, grappled with the formidable challenge of substantiating sales against advertising expenses. Amidst this endeavor, the decision to transition from a PPC agency to a specialized PPC expert marked a turning point.

The Challenge

While established, the e-shop encountered hurdles in justifying ad spend with tangible sales figures. This predicament prompted a pivotal choice – entrusting a PPC specialist to breathe new life into the digital marketing strategy.

Unveiling Triumph: A Singular Metric

Within this dynamic landscape, three conversion points stood out – e-shop, phone orders, and physical store visits. Despite the trio, our focus was honed on a single conversion action. This strategic approach facilitated the correlation of sales to ad spend, unraveling the true impact of our endeavors.

Magnificent Outcomes

The fruits of our labor were nothing short of remarkable:

  • 184.17% Surge in Revenue: A testament to the transformative power of our strategy in amplifying profitability.
  • 102.48% Uplift in Conversions: Demonstrating the harmony between innovation and tangible outcomes.
  • 130.29% Growth in Revenue per User: Showcasing the significance of tailored experiences in captivating customer engagement.

Project Blueprint

The client's urgency lay in substantiating sales to validate marketing expenditures. Addressing the lapses in Google Ads conversion actions emerged as a crucial first step. The Google Ads account underwent a transformation, aligning with accurate transactional data through meticulous setup via Google Tag Manager.

My Approach

Embracing a multifaceted approach, our strategy spanned the realms of Google Search, Google Display Network, and Google Shopping. This intricate medley encompassed the prowess of media in strategic placements, meticulously honing a media mix of 100% static images. Paid Search, Dynamic Search, and Shopping Ads stood as linchpins in driving the account's success.

Navigating Channels with Finesse

Our strategy came alive across a spectrum of channels, each playing a pivotal role in our journey:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Display Network

Carving a Path to Flourish

As we bid adieu to the status quo, the e-shop now stands as a testament to the synergy of strategy, innovation, and expertise. The voyage of transformation, navigated by the vision of a specialized PPC specialist, is an inspiring narrative of how strategic marketing can propel an e-commerce enterprise from adversity to achievement.

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