Case Study 1

case study one


The client, an e-commerce clothing store, found itself grappling with a challenging scenario as sales dwindled on Google Ads and Facebook Ads over successive months. As the year neared its end, the decision was made to seek a new approach to advertising.

Project Overview

The client's engagement was rooted in the urgent need to bolster sales and enable expansion into new international markets. The project commenced with a thorough examination of existing data, exposing disparities between Google Ads reporting and Google Analytics data. Additionally, an assessment revealed the suboptimal configuration of the Facebook Ads pixel, leading to inaccurately tracked events. Furthermore, despite possessing valuable content for brand building, the YouTube channel was underperforming. The potential of Google Discovery remained untapped, and the consistent use of UTM tags was a missed opportunity.

Operating across three distinct conversion avenues - the e-shop, telephone orders, and offline sales - the primary focus for analysis was the e-shop's performance relative to ad spend. Despite ambitions to recapture the preceding year's sales figures and expand into new global markets, these objectives remained elusive.

The initial budget allocated for this endeavor was 8,000 per month.


Revenue Ascendancy

Through the implementation of a comprehensive and strategic approach, a remarkable upswing of 25.89% in revenue was achieved. This impressive growth not only restored sales but paved the way for sustainable success.

Transactional Upsurge

A meticulously devised digital marketing strategy led to a significant surge in transactions, boasting a remarkable 29.76% increase. This surge in customer engagement and conversions translated into palpable business results.

Elevated Conversion Rates

One of the key achievements was the enhancement of the conversion rate by an impressive 7.58%. This accomplishment underscored the efficacy of the targeted approach in maximizing the return on ad spend.

Strategic Approach

In addressing these challenges, a robust and multi-channel strategy was formulated, harnessing the strengths of various platforms. The approach involved strategic placements within both Google Ads and Facebook Ads, leveraging high-performing channels. Within this framework, media utilization took center stage, with an 80-20 distribution ratio between static images and video content.

The channels harnessed for the strategy encompassed:

  • Google Search
  • Google Discovery
  • Google Shopping
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads


Through a concerted and data-driven approach, the e-commerce clothing brand was reinvigorated, arresting the downward sales trend and propelling towards substantial growth. The achieved results underscore the potency of a meticulously crafted multi-channel strategy in optimizing conversions, expanding reach, and augmenting revenue streams. As the client's digital marketing partner, the commitment remains unwavering in navigating the evolving landscape of online commerce, ensuring enduring success and prosperity.

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