Case Study 5: Accelerating E-Shop Success in Shoes & Fashion Accessories


Explore the inspiring narrative of an e-shop specializing in shoes and fashion accessories. The e-shop embarked on a fresh journey with a new domain, encountering challenges that demanded innovative solutions. A significant hurdle arose in the form of absent audience lists, presenting a unique opportunity to shape a nascent Google Ads account.

The Challenge

Launching a new e-shop required navigating uncharted waters. The absence of audience lists posed a formidable challenge, leaving the e-shop without a pre-existing foundation for growth. This challenge extended to the nascent Google Ads account, creating a data gap for optimizing conversion actions.

Paving the Way to Triumph: A Data-Driven Approach

To steer the e-shop towards triumph, a data-driven approach was essential. Focused on two primary conversion points – the e-shop and phone orders – our strategy centered on e-shop conversions, providing a direct correlation with ad spend. Phone orders were tracked as 'direct' in Google Analytics.

Phenomenal Results

Our unwavering efforts yielded exceptional results, transforming the e-shop's performance:

  • 52.86% Surge in Revenue: Underscoring the effectiveness of our tailored strategies.
  • 41.56% Growth in Conversions: Demonstrating the symbiotic relationship between planning and execution.
  • 46.65% Increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): Testifying to the efficiency of our data-driven approach.

Project Overview

The client's mandate was clear – expedite sales to cover operational costs. With meticulous setup via Google Tag Manager, both the Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts were primed for accurate transaction data, serving as the cornerstone for strategic decision-making.

Our Strategic Approach

Our strategy hinged on a versatile multi-channel approach, carefully tailored for impactful outcomes. Utilizing placements across Google, YouTube, and Discovery, we orchestrated a symphony of engagement. A media mix dominated by 100% static images resonated with our target audience, while Paid Search and Shopping Ads played pivotal roles in our success.

Navigating the Channels

Our approach seamlessly unfolded across diverse channels, contributing to the e-shop's remarkable achievements:

  • Google Search
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Discovery
  • Google Display
  • YouTube Ads

Embracing a Bright Future

As we conclude this transformative journey, the e-shop stands as a testament to innovation and success. Armed with data-driven insights and strategic prowess, the path forward is illuminated with boundless possibilities. This case study demonstrates that in the realm of new domains and challenges, strategic marketing can yield remarkable results.

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