Case Study 15

case study 15

In the captivating realm of online commerce, Case Study 15 unveils the narrative of an enterprising client who established a digital emporium specializing in opulent swimwear. The nascent online store embarked on its journey with minimal data at hand, navigating uncharted waters. Initial efforts to steer the ship through Facebook ads yielded less-than-ideal outcomes, prompting a pivotal decision. Driven by an ambition to expand across borders, the owner enlisted the expertise of a Performance Marketing specialist to navigate the tides of international growth.

Results: A Symphony of Achievement

  • A crescendo of 1381.77% surged in revenue, echoing strategic finesse.
  • The melody of revenue per user soared by 48.64%, painting a vivid tapestry of enhanced engagement.
  • A remarkable crescendo of 2000% in conversions resonated, a testament to resounding triumph.

Project Overview: Setting Sail Beyond Boundaries

The challenge at hand was to orchestrate sales from a standstill, a challenge magnified by the minuscule existing customer base. A twofold aspiration compounded the complexity - elevating lead generation while embarking on a voyage of international expansion. In the face of these challenges, the endeavor required meticulous steering.

My Strategic Navigation

A symphony of strategy materialized in the form of a multi-channel approach. Placements, networks, and platforms harmoniously converged, woven into a fabric of success. Media manifested as an integral instrument, with a dynamic blend of 10% static imagery and an impressive 90% in captivating video. The ensemble of PMAX, Shopping (prospecting), and META Ads stood as pillars of growth, igniting the spark of sales.

Channels of Conquest

  • Google Discovery
  • Google Display
  • Google Performance Max
  • YouTube Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

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